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April 8th, 2024

22. Behind the Scenes of the Podcast Journey: with Franciska Kosman

  1. 22. Behind the Scenes of the Podcast Journey: with Franciska Kosman Estee Goldschmidt 32:37

Navigating Podcast Creation   In this episode, Francisca is invited to lead, a veteran podcast host known for addressing hot topics in the Jewish Orthodox world. During their conversation, they momentarily experience an earthquake, which adds an unexpected twist. Francisca shares insights into the challenges of podcasting, including a discussion on uncovering and dealing with sensitive topics such as abuse within the community. She emphasizes the importance of journalism in bringing these stories to light. Additionally, Francisca provides a deep dive into the nuances of creating a podcast, from the initial idea to the execution, highlighting the technical and content-related obstacles she faced. She also reflects on the value of authenticity and having meaningful conversations on her podcast, which sometimes include difficult subjects that resonate deeply with her and her audience. The episode also explores the dynamics of podcasting in the business and entrepreneurial spheres, underscoring the significance of consistency, engaging content, and the technical aspects of podcast production.   00:00 Welcome to the Show: A Unique Podcasting Journey Begins 01:42 An Unexpected Interruption: Surviving an Earthquake Live! 02:09 Diving Deep into Podcasting: Stories That Matter 02:54 The Birth of a Podcast: From Idea to Reality 03:10 Exploring Untold Stories in the Business World 04:45 The Power of Conversation: Insights and Reflections 04:50 The Technical Side of Podcasting: Learning from Mistakes 06:18 Why People Listen: The Three Reasons 08:19 The Impact of Podcasting: Personal Growth and Cultural Change 13:05 Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Podcast Episode 14:35 The Art of Podcast Editing: Learning from the Best 14:55 Reflections on Podcasting Styles and Preferences 16:09 Mentorship and Growth: Elevating the Podcasting Game 16:53 Unlocking the Secrets of Podcast Consistency 17:32 The Art of Organic Conversations in Podcasting 18:59 Navigating the Challenges of Podcast Guest Dynamics 21:36 Exploring the Intricacies of Podcast Content and Editing 26:20 The Journey of a Podcast from Concept to Launch 30:01 Reflecting on the Impact and Future of Podcasting

A bit about Franciska: Franciska (Freydie) Kosman, a Jewish Orthodox art-preneur and CEO and founder of Kay Productions. Her journey began as a singer and composer, evolving into an international artist with over 80 released songs. For over seven years, she has hosted the Franciska Show, a weekly podcast addressing crucial stories and Jewish community issues. Through Kay Productions, she assists others in launching and flourishing their podcasts, contributing to their success. Franciska lives in a burb outside of Philadelphia with her husband and three daughters. Franciska’s music:

Franciska’s podcast:

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Estee is a digital product leader in startups who is also a wife and mom of two. In her podcast, she navigates through the challenges with her guests.

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