1. Good News About Dementia Don Akchin 27:58

In their new book Dementia Prevention: Using Your Head to Save Your Brain, Emily and Mitchell Clionsky explain that we can control much of the risk of contracting dementia. Emily, a physician, and Mitchell, a neuropsychologist, offer important insights in this informative interview about things we can do to prevent dementia. Among the topics covered:

* How to distinguish between normal aging and serious mental impairment.

* Why eating the right foods is not the most effective prevention tool.

* Half the people correctly diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment can actually get better – or at least, no worse.

* A five-minute assessment tool can diagnose dementia – or reassure you that you haven’t got it.

* The value of getting diagnosed early.

The book is available from the Johns Hopkins Press.

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Don Akchin Publisher/Podcaster at The EndGame

Don Akchin is a recovering journalist who publishes a weekly newsletter and biweekly podcast called The EndGame, which encourages "chronologically gifted" baby boomers to live their later years with joy and purpose. In his former life he wrote for magazines, newspapers, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations.