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June 6th, 2024

Pitching with Dave Bricker, Paula Rizzo & Michael Roderick

  1. Pitching with Dave Bricker, Paula Rizzo & Michael Roderick Debra Eckerling 58:47

On this week on GoalChat, I had a deep and engaging conversation on #Pitching with Dave Bricker (Speakipedia), Paula Rizzo (Listful Living), and Michael Roderick (Small Pond Enterprises). We all think of pitching as a business imperative. Yet, it’s a skill relevant to all aspects of your life. The more “you” you are – with a unique and friendly audience-centric message – the more likely you are to reach the people who need to hear from you.

The trio shared what is pitching … and what is not. Dave, Paula, and Michael also talked about how to create a pitch, as well as what it takes to stand out and succeed. In essence, a pitch is about the audience, the value you add, and finding engaging – and unique – ways to get your message out there.


– Dave: Stop talking about yourself and start talking about the person you are serving

– Paula: Make a list of the questions you are always answering; a pitch is not about what you know, it’s what others care about

– Michael: Step out of the longest line; those are full of the people who do not think they have a shot and getting access. Instead, find innovative ways to do the outreach; you never know the amazing results waiting for you

Final Thoughts

– Michael: Everybody’s a celebrity to somebody, but celebrity is relative to everybody

– Paula: Don’t be so hard on yourself. Pitching is hard. Keep going. Success is out there

– Dave: Enjoy the journey. Stop worrying about where you are not. If you put one foot in front of the other and head in the right direction, the top of the mountain has no choice but to come to you

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Debra Eckerling Goal Strategist, Author & Workshop Leader

Debra Eckerling is a goal strategist on a mission to change goal culture in and out of the workplace. Debra is the award-winning author of Your Goal Guide and founder of the D*E*B METHOD® for goal-setting simplified. A speaker and corporate consultant, her workshops include goal-setting for employee retention, event outcome optimization, and cooking for productivity. Debra has spoken on stages for TEDx, Innovation Women, SCORE LA, and more, and is the host of the #GoalChatLive show aka The DEB Show podcast and Taste Buds with Deb podcast.

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