1. Business Leader Mark Mears on Purposeful Growth & Writing Habits Kent Sanders 44:57

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Most of our podcast guests come from a background of writing or creative work. I’m excited today to feature a conversation with a renowned business leader who recently wrote his first book and is on a mission to help others experience purpose and growth.

Mark A. Mears is a #1 bestselling author, keynote speaker, consultant, and visionary business leader. He has a significant track record of building shareholder value. He has driven innovation and profitable growth among world-class, high-profile brands such as PepsiCo/Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Frito-Lay, JCPenney, NBCUniversal, and The Cheesecake Factory.

Today, Mark serves as Chief Growth Officer for LEAF Growth Ventures, LLC—a consulting firm helping individuals, teams, and organizations find purpose in fulfilling their true growth potential while making a positive, lasting difference in the world.

Mark is also a member of the Senior Leader Network within Conscious Capitalism, Inc. He recently released a new book, The Purposeful Growth Revolution: 4 Ways to Grow from Leader to Legacy Builder.

In our conversation, Mark shares his background in corporate America and the turning point that led to him writing his first book. You’ll learn the habits behind his writing a draft of a 400+ page book, how to achieve your writing goals by overcoming fear and uncertainty, and lots of strategies for taking action to get what you want and grow in ways you never thought possible.

You can connect with Mark at https://www.MarkAMears.com, where you can also download his Free Purposeful Growth Self-Assessment.

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Kent Sanders is the founder of Inkwell Ghostwriting, which helps leaders grow their business through books and other content. He is also the author and co-author of numerous books, including 18 Words to Live By: A Father’s Wisdom on What Matters Most and co-author of The Faith of Elvis: A Story Only a Brother Can Tell with Billy Stanley, Elvis Presley’s stepbrother.

In addition to writing books for himself and his clients, Kent loves to help other writers. He is the host of the Daily Writer podcast and the founder of the Daily Writer Club, a membership community that helps writers build a business with their skills.