1. EP - 105 Grandpas Starting or growing a Side Business Greg Payne 46:59

James ‘Papa Jimmy’ Divine is back to discuss his experience creating multiple side businesses while working full-time as a band teacher in a Title 1 school. James talks to us about his journey from transitioning from the U.S. Army to becoming a music teacher and the process it took to earn his Master’s in Music Education while in the Army and raising a family.

We get into an interesting conversation about the mindset of starting side businesses. How grandfathers can find the time to write a book or create a course. We also discuss mentors and coaches we have used to help us to get clarity about what businesses or projects we are involved in. As part of our discussion about mentors, we listen to Dan Miller’s 48 Day’s podcast and Dave Ramsey’s radio program. James and I also went through Chris LoCurto’s Next Level Life event.

James is incredibly open and honest in talking about how he has worked and continues to work on overcoming a negative mindset. The mindset was part naturally occurring and part of the environment that he grew up in. James outlines a great way to overcome or improve your negative mindset. His number one piece of advice is to “keep Moving forward.”

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Here is the link to my previous conversation with James Divine (Episode 13): A Cool Teacher Dedicated to Helping Young People Succeed.

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