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June 7th, 2024

The Role of Culture in Digital Transformation – Doug Milliken

  1. The Role of Culture in Digital Transformation - Doug Milliken 33:30

My guest this week is Doug Milliken, former VP of Marketing Transformation at The Clorox Company. When he was there, he was responsible for the company’s brand building and growth capabilities. His experience led to one inescapable conclusion; the performance of an organization is driven largely by its culture.

Steve Olenski Steve Olenski, The CMO Whisperer

Steve Olenski possesses a career journey that's been as dynamic as it has been impactful. From his early days as a creative director in the agency realm to assuming pivotal senior marketing roles on the brand side with esteemed companies like Oracle, he has consistently navigated diverse landscapes. As a seasoned journalist, Steve has contributed significantly to major publications, including Business Insider and Forbes, where he dedicated a decade to sharing his insights. He earned the moniker " The CMO Whisperer, " recognized for his unparalleled depth of experience and his remarkable ability to build trust with Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) of global giants, he earned the moniker "The CMO Whisperer."

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