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May 14th, 2024

Episode 023: Interviewers ask the wrong questions

  1. Episode 023: Interviewers ask the wrong questions TJ Reid and Seth Stone 34:37

Calling all people who have interviewed for a job – TJ and Seth want to hear the wrong questions you’ve been asked or the most intriguing. Comment on LinkedIn, email us at or text us at 757-354-1543.

TJ Reed and Seth Stone, co-hosts of The Business Bullseye podcast, have known each other for quite a few years. They share a passion for the human side of business and making sense of what is going on in today's chaotic business world, which is why they decided to go on this podcast journey. T.J. is an accomplished leadership development expert with a strong background in higher education administration and consulting. Seth has worked in the corporate, higher education, and non-profit spaces throughout the last 20 years and is a professor of business and innovation.

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