1. Firewalking, Board Breaks and More with Dave Albin Boom With A Bang! 1:03:12

Dave Albin’s company is Firewalk Productions. Firewalking is a 1,000 year old rite of passage ritual and he’s firewalked hundreds of thousands of people.

In this episode, he explains:

  • firewalking
  • glasswalking
  • board breaks and arrow breaks
  • why people don’t get burned
  • why it is SO empowering for participants

Dave also shares his morning ritual for health and energy.

Stay tuned for his Mom’s dating advice and “Elf on the Shelf”!

Find Dave at https://firewalkadventures.com/

Learn more about Dave and find all his links at https://boomwithabang.com/the-boomer-womans-podcast-dave-albin/


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