1. Episode 88: ⁠Fabienne Guichon-Lindholm⁠ & Her Book, ⁠Unapologetically Bold: How To Regain Self-Confidence Using The Transformation Cycle While Climbing The Corporate Ladder⁠ John M Jaramillo 1:06:41

Episode 88: Fabienne Guichon-Lindholm & Her Book, Unapologetically Bold: How To Regain Self-Confidence Using The Transformation Cycle While Climbing The Corporate Ladder


Fabienne is a seasoned global learning and development executive with over three decades of experience in Coaching and motivating teams and individuals. Through her business, Fabienne Lindholm Rev Ups Your Life, she helps professionals – particularly women – become confident leaders who drive positive change and transformation. As a renowned speaker, facilitator, and professional coach, she has dedicated her career to promoting wellness and education worldwide, sharing her knowledge on management styles, skincare, and well-being. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Fabienne led the global education department of a cosmetic company, where she supported teams and professionals across the globe. With over 30 years of executive management experience in the beauty and wellness industry, she managed spa teams and operations for luxury hotels like the Waldorf Astoria and consulted with HARPO STUDIO in the U.S. In the past ten years, she has focused on learning and development, training, and consulting with thousands of individuals, primarily women. Beyond her professional life, Fabienne has a passion for promoting wellness, traveling to 60 countries, and lecturing on four continents. Her unapologetically bold, optimistic, compassionate, and funny personality has won over audiences worldwide. She has honed her discipline, Resilience, and determination as a marathon runner, completing five marathons. Fluent in French and English, Fabienne describes herself as self-made.


  • How people misunderstand Coaching, and how it’s actually like magic. (I agree 100%)
  • How Coaching is a massage for the brain.
  • We overcomplicate everything when simple will do just fine, including in Coaching.
  • The power of your first experience in anything and the belief box you build from there.
  • The idea of reconsidering what you believed caused your burn-out in the past.
  • The power behind the Transformation Cycle of Regroup, Relive, Remotion.
  • “Most people don’t even see us failing. We only see ourselves.”

The MAIN QUESTION underlying my conversation with Fabienne is, How can you use your past to find your heart and authenticity and move forward unapologetically bold?


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00:00 – The Book Leads – Fabienne Guichon-Lindholm

00:47 Introduction & Bio

03:32 Who are you today? Can you provide more background on your work?

13:55 How did your path into your career look like?

27:25 What called her to the philosophy behind her company and mission?

30:06 How does the work you’re doing today reconcile to who you were as a child?

32:51 What does leadership mean to you?

35:52 Can you introduce us to the book we’re discussing?

39:41 The meaning behind the transformation cycle of Regroup, Relive, Remotion.

51:57 General overview of the book / Breakdown of the chapters in the book.

53:32 Is there a certain part of the book that resonates most with people?

55:49 What lessons have you taken away from the book?

01:00:56 What’s next for your writing?

01:02:28 What book has inspired you?

01:04:29 What are you up to these days? (A way for guests to share and market their projects and work.)

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