1. Episode 81: Mboone Umbima, MSOD⁠ & Her Book, ⁠Reflect and Renew: A New Year Workbook⁠ John M Jaramillo 1:29:53

Episode 81: Mboone Umbima, MSOD & Her Book, Reflect and Renew: A New Year Workbook

This is Mboone’s second visit to The Book Leads Podcast. In
March of 2022, in Episode 20, Mboone shared with me the story behind the message of and vision for her book, Thank You: The 29 Day Gratitude Challenge.

In this episode, Mboone shares some best practices she’s developed for assessing her life at the turn of each New Year. For instance, one of her many practices is going through her phone’s pictures to remember the energy of the moments throughout the year as the days went by. This process helps her tie moments to the energy she wants to keep and expand on that while recognizing the energy that serves no purpose and should be

When it comes to her books, Thank You sought to offset the fear borne out of the uncertainty during the COVID-19 panedemic
while Reflect and Renew seeks to build off that understanding of gratitude in a more strategic focus to determine what has served us and what has not in our our approach to life and work. It serves as a guide to help the reader truly, deeply, and carefully reflect.

I love the energy Mboone brings to everything she does, whether it’s her work in wildlife conservation through the David Rio foundation, her leadership role at David Rio Chai & Tea, Inc., or her numerous memberships across various boards she serves on in her community.

She provides a reminder for us to get ourselves right — to align our lives and work with our hearts and values — so we can bring the best of ourselves to the world around us.

It’s an ongoing process to recognize and reinforce the energies we want to keep while calling out and letting go of the energies we don’t.


  • How she and the family members who inspired to serve the greater good her are in the people business and making
    the world a better place business.
  • How painting a vision, as Martine Luther King, Jr. did, creates permanence in which that vision can outlive the leaders who created it.
  • Everything is energy, and it’s the flow of energy that creates.
  • Ego is about survival, not thinking.
  • What would happen if you chose change instead of change choosing you?

The MAIN QUESTION underlying my conversation with Mboone is, How do you review your life and work to determine what is working for you and what is not?



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