1. Episode 78: Steve Morris & The EOS Life: How To Live Your Ideal Entrepreneurial Life by Gino Wickman John M Jaramillo 1:04:34

Episode 78: Steve Morris & The EOS Life: How To Live Your Ideal Entrepreneurial Life by Gino Wickman.

Steve, a Business Coach with an educational background in mechanical engineering and aerodynamics, is someone who is focused on performance — of every kind. He is another great example of who someone is today being the culmination of all their experiences to date.

His educational and career journeys took him from being a mechanical
engineering student, to working on and designing racing yachts, to Coaching
teams based on his experience working with those racing teams.

Each successive experience builds on the previous, leading Steve’s curiosity to move from the mechanical to the emotional, from systems to people. Since he was a child, he’s been fascinated with taking things apart and studying them to see how they function.


  • The power of having the right people in the right seats to make a really great team.
  • Curiosity of systems and the technical vs. that of feeling and relationships
  • Paying attention to what we are triggered by when it comes to how we show up and who we are being
  • A huge component of successful leaders is knowing thyself


The MAIN QUESTION underlying my conversation with Steve is, How do you reassess the stability, foundation, and drivers of what you have built, including yourself, to continue — and improve upon — it?


Steve had a really cool and interesting start to his career designing multi-million dollar racing yachts and building and Coaching high performing teams to help his clients win the world’s most demanding yacht races. He has run and grown a small business, and then transitioned his career to become a certified PMP program manager managing million dollar budgets and helping the US Navy launch ships into the fleet. Eight years ago he started his own business with the mission to help business owners build better lives through building better businesses, getting unstuck, fueling growth, achieving more profit and having more fun with their crew. Steve’s passion is bringing his expertise, experience, and lessons learned with world-leading high-performance teams to help his clients elevate their businesses, becoming more cohesive, healthy and organized, so they can attain the results and success they want. In addition to navigating the voyage to success with his clients, Steve is an avid learner and practitioner of techniques that elevate his mindset and physical fitness, such as breath work, hiking, yoga and meditation, as he journeys on the path to the Centenarian Olympics. He and his partner, Kathy, are also building a permaculture food forest on their farm in Hygiene, CO.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenamorris/

Website: www.eosworldwide.com/stephen-morris ­


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