1. Snap and Pop - The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Vol. 477 Perry Bax 1:58:31

Crinkle, crack and a pop of good music . . .

Snap and Pop – The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Vol. 477
1. Radar Love – Shut Up And Kiss Me
2. Same Old Song and Dance (live) – Aerosmith
3. When Will I Be Loved – John Fogerty w/ Bruce Springsteen
4. Fortunate Son – Todd Snider
5. Your Song (live) – Bonnie Raitt
6. Beautiful People (live) – Melanie
7. Remind Myself To Breathe – Jared Rabin
8. Get Back – George Harrison
9. Happiness Is A Warm Gun – World Party
10. Shanghai Sky (live) – Joe Jackson
11. Voodoo Child (live) – Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood
12. Dirty City (live) – Steve Winwood
13. Anyway / Here Comes The Supernatural Anaethetist / The Lamia / Silent Sorrows In Empty Boats (live) – Genesis
14. Too Nice To Talk To / I Confess (live) – The English Beat
15. No One Like You / If You Ask Me (I Won’t Say No) (alt) – Pete Shelley
16. Healing / Time Heals (live) – Todd Rundgren

The Best Radio You Have Never Heard.
In the grooves since 2004 . . .
Accept No Substitute

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Perry Bax Podcast Producer

Perry Bax was an early advocate of podcasting, launching his unique mix of rock-based music in 2004, the early years of MP3 players. It seemed there was a void in the musical universe, which wasn't catering to the needs of music fans who were serious about music both new and classic. Seeking to fill this gap, Perry launched The Best Radio You Have Never Heard podcast in 2005 as a format without borders, a rock podcast without limitations and a unique production style that is rivaled by none. His show now boasts loyal listeners around the world.

With traditional radio becoming more and more regimented, The Best Radio You Have Never Heard has become a niche where listeners can relive the days of early 70's freeform FM mixed with today's contemporary artists, and tracks by their favorite artists that have never graced the terrestrial airwaves. With more music than time in his biweekly rock podcast, Perry estimates he hasn't repeated more than 10-15 tracks since the show went live on the World Wide Web.

Music without borders for a global audience...this is truly The Best Radio You Have Never Heard.