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June 6th, 2024

Turning Trash into Cash: The Lucrative World of Parking Lot Litter Cleanup featuring Brian Winch with Cleanlots

  1. Turning Trash into Cash: The Lucrative World of Parking Lot Litter Cleanup featuring Brian Winch with Cleanlots Beefy Marketing/Small Business Origins 35:04

Tune in as John The Marketer interviews Brian, the founder of a successful parking lot litter cleanup business. Brian shares how he started the business over 40 years ago with just $250 and has grown it to generating over $600K in annual revenue. He discusses the equipment needed, pricing models, target customers, and why he chose to write a book to teach others the business instead of franchising.

Key Discussion Points:

– How Brian got the idea to start a parking lot litter cleanup business from seeing his father do similar work when he was young (00:03:38)

– The specialized hand tools and cost to start the business (00:13:15 – 00:15:34)

– Typical pricing structure and how much money can be made in this business (00:11:03 – 00:12:21)

– Target customers are commercial property management companies (00:09:47)

– Why a book for teaching the business instead of a franchise model (00:17:30 – 00:19:14)

– Brian’s most successful student who has built a nationwide parking lot litter cleanup business (00:21:06)


“Fortunes can be made cleaning up after others. So, that kind of sparked an idea.” (00:03:38)

“It’s recession proof. It’s pandemic proof. People litter. They always have.” (00:32:25)

Guest Bio:

Brian Winch is the creator and author of Cleanlots – America’s Simplest Business. Brian grew his dad’s side gig into a six-figure business starting with little money, skills and education. He can show you how to start and operate a simple business based from home and make money from a green service that’s almost as easy to do as going for a walk.

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John Kelley’s Links

John Kelley Podcaster, Marketing Advisor

John is a Texas firefighter, entrepreneur and marketing advisor. As a business major, small business owner and marketing advisor for Beefy Marketing, he has become very familiar with the challenges entrepreneurs face every day. Bringing his humor and love for helping others to The Beef, he dives deep into what makes each business tick, helping bring useful information to other small business owners. Learning all about a business and putting them into the spotlight gives listeners a reason to visit each business featured and give them a try.

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