1. The Healing Power of Humor: How Clowning Transformed My Life featuring Bullseye with Bullseye The Clown Beefy Marketing/Small Business Origins 43:36


Bullseye the Clown shares his journey from being bullied as a child to becoming a clown and using his platform to raise awareness about bullying. He discusses the impact of clowning on people’s lives, particularly in senior living communities and schools. Bullseye also talks about his humanitarian trips to Russia, Morocco, and Mexico, where he brings joy to people in need. He emphasizes the power of laughter and the importance of controlling one’s own destiny. Bullseye is working on establishing a 501C3 organization to fund his clowning missions and spread his message further.


  • Clowning can have a powerful impact on people’s lives, bringing joy and laughter to those who need it most.
  • Bullying can have long-lasting effects, but individuals have the power to control their own destiny and overcome their past experiences.
  • Clowning can be used as a tool to raise awareness about bullying and teach children how to navigate and stand up to bullies.
  • Establishing a 501C3 organization can help fund humanitarian trips and expand the reach of clowning missions.


00:01:15 Origin Story and Career Aspirations

00:03:29 From Stand-Up Comedy to Clowning: A Journey of Transformation

00:09:00 Clowning as a Form of Connection and Antidote to Bullying

00:13:09 Using the Clown Persona to Combat Bullying and Support Humanitarian Initiatives

00:15:54 John Kelley’s Seminars and Travel Plans

00:17:07 Interactive Clown Performance to Address Bullying in Schools

00:20:55 The Power of Overcoming Bullying and Building Confidence

00:23:59 Discussion on Meeting Patch Adams and Overcoming Bullying

00:26:41 Embracing the Clown Persona in Public

00:30:19 Clowning for a Cause: Bringing Joy to Unseen Communities

00:35:29 The Power of Clowning in Healing and Bringing Joy

00:38:44 Interview with Bullseye the Clown on Overcoming Bullying and Finding Purpose


“Nobody has the authority to bully you unless you give it to them. And you give it to them by not saying anything, by allowing them to do it. And you can take back that authority at any time.” – Bullseye The Clown

“How can you deal with these children and truly get this message across if it wasn’t something a fire that you had to walk through and something you had to deal with personally?” – Bullseye The Clown

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