1. From Tragedy to Triumph: Turning Loss into Purpose featuring Lori Keesey with Accidental Blogger Beefy Marketing 48:25

In this episode we speak with Lori Keesey, the author of an upcoming novel and the writer behind The Accidental Blogger. We discuss overcoming adversity, maintaining faith and purpose during hard times, and Lori’s journey in Grief, writing, and building her author platform.

Lori Keesey is an author, blogger, and accidental entrepreneur from Walland, Tennessee. After working for many years as a journalist and freelance writer, she experienced the tragic loss of her 33 year old son, which inspired her to write her debut novel focused on finding meaning and purpose in life. She started The Accidental Blogger to build an author platform and share stories of overcoming adversity with others.  

Main Discussion Points:

– The power of faith and trusting in a higher purpose to make it through Grief or adversity (14:05, 32:10, 41:10)

– Looking for opportunities to turn “lemons into lemonade” and help others after facing hard times (23:59)  

– Making conscious choices to move forward in a healthy way instead of falling into victim mentality (33:26)

– Remembering that the past is behind us and our future is unwritten, so we shouldn’t dwell on past mistakes (33:31)


[00:01:06] Interview with Lori Keesey: Journalism, Sales Tactics and Adaptability

[00:04:43] Lori Keesey: Her Journey From Journalism to Entrepreneurship and Writing

[00:11:56] Interview with Lori Keesey about her career and life journey

[00:17:48] Lori Keesey Discusses Her Upcoming Novel And Challenges of Writing

[00:22:57] Turning Adversity into Inspiration: A conversation with Lori Keesey

[00:27:34] John Kelley on Overcoming Challenges and Developing Resilience

[00:30:51] Dealing with Personal Loss, Faith and Moving Forward

[00:37:58] John Kelley In Conversation With Lori Keesey: Navigating Grief and Loss

[00:41:06] Faith, Purpose and Dealing with Adversity: A Discussion with Lori Keesey

[00:46:45] Closing Out An Engaging Conversation with Lori Keesey


“What scared me most was my son in the Lord’s warm embrace. I was worried about him.” (35:09) – Lori Keesey

“I don’t think people can really understand what a parent goes through when a child dies.” (09:16)  – Lori Keesey

“When you’re self employed, you really do need to go with your intuition.” (17:09) – Lori Keesey

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