1. From Rehab to Rolex: Dann Williams' Journey to Entrepreneurship Featuring Dann Williams with Owner's Pride Beefy Marketing 41:22

In this episode of Small Business Origins, host John The Marketer interviews Dann Williams of Owner’s Pride in Omaha, Nebraska. They discuss Dann’s journey into entrepreneurship after overcoming addiction, starting a mobile auto detailing business, and eventually joining Owner’s Pride. Listeners will learn about Dann’s origin story, keys to success like seizing opportunities, Owner’s Pride products and services, their podcast, and the importance of offering a legitimate warranty program.  

Discussion Points:

– Dann’s early struggles and the influential people in his life like his father and wrestling coach (0:04:00)

– Getting sober, Moving to San Diego, and starting a mobile auto detailing business (0:08:50)  

– Scaling the detailing business and stepping back from doing the work himself (0:11:50)

– Selling his detailing business and consulting for another company (0:18:00) 

– Launching Owner’s Pride right before COVID-19 hit (0:19:00)

– Owner’s Pride product offerings and direct to consumer options (0:23:00)

– The Owner’s Pride podcast focusing on interviews (0:26:00)

– Why Owner’s Pride offers a legitimate and compliant warranty program (0:33:00)

Links Mentioned:

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