1. DIY Floors: How Steller Floors is Changing the Game feat Britta Teller, Ph.D. with Stellar Floors Beefy Marketing 46:40

Biology professor and hardwood floor manufacturer are careers worlds apart. So, when Britta Teller transitioned from the former to the latter in 2018 with the founding of Steller Floors, she knew it wouldn’t be easy, but as you’ll hear today, she has absolutely no regrets! During this episode, Britta shares what inspired her to found Steller Floors with her husband, how the foundational values of the company correlate with her passion for the natural world, and the factors that make Steller Floors unique in the industry (not least of which is the fact that they don’t require nails or glue and you can install them yourself!). To learn more about the origin story of the US’s best locally made, innovative, high quality, beautiful floors, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An overview of Britta’s journey from biology professor to hardwood floor manufacturer.
  • The inspiration behind the founding of Steller Floors.
  • Values that are foundational to Steller Floors.
  • Why Steller Floors are more sustainable than other flooring options. 
  • What you can expect to pay to install Steller Floors. 
  • Stories that highlight the ease with which Steller Floors can be installed.
  • Britta explains how Steller Floors respond to temperature changes.
  • Hopes that Britta has for the future of American manufacturing.
  • Factors that make Steller Floors unique.
  • Britta’s experience of working with her husband. 
  • Where the name Steller Floors comes from. 


“I thought to myself, ‘Somebody should make high-quality floors and they should be innovative and exciting and beautiful and local,’ and then I thought, ‘Who can I get to do that?’ and the answer was pretty much only me.” — Britta Teller [0:08:42]

“We are totally shaking the Etch A Sketch on flooring.” — Britta Teller [0:15:45]

“Most of our clients are DIYers. We’ve had a grammy-nominated violist install her floor. We’ve had accountants who call us and say, ‘My son installed the room himself and he’s a teenager.’” — Britta Teller [0:21:03]

“I’m so hopeful that as the circular economy moves forward, there’s more investment in craftsmanship and sustainable wood products.” — Britta Teller [0:22:30]

“We need more chairs made in America. We need more tables, we need more trim and doors made in America. We have the resource all around us, it just needs to be managed sustainably.” — Britta Teller [0:22:50]

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