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Episode 71: On the Edge of Leaving – Respite (Interview and Album Review)

  1. Episode 71: On the Edge of Leaving - Respite (Interview and Album Review) Greg Potters 1:12:02

Joining Greg on episode #71 are Hakon and Reuben from the Norwegian band, On the Edge of Leaving. Hakon and Reuben released their 2nd piece of music, an EP, titled, “Respite” in February 2024. After hearing the first song on the record, 1992, I was hooked and had to have them on the show. 

And what drew me to these guys were many things, one in particular is the fact they were previously a “black metal band” called Draug. But in the summer of 2023, they locked themselves in a studio in Drammen, Norway and recorded Respite as a new band called On the Edge of Leaving. And to say this music would be a complete left turn from their metal past, would be a drastic understatement. But their music spoke to me. Its acoustic foundation relaxed me, and it also made me want to listen to the lyrics and ask what the meaning behind all of it is. 

And so for today’s episode we are going to find out. 

Greg Potters Greg with AlbumReview.Net

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