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Crack the Voice Code: Unlock Speaking Success!

  1. Crack the Voice Code: Unlock Speaking Success! Stacey Chillemi 1:12:02

Discover the untapped power of your voice as we dive into the art of speaking with our guest, a renowned voice specialist and author of “Be Seen Be Heard Get Paid What You Are Worth.” Join host Stacey Chillemi and David Roylance as we explore how the tonality of your voice can be a game-changer in influencing others and skyrocketing your career. From entrepreneurs looking to make more money to female employees aiming for C-Suite promotions, this podcast is packed with actionable tips and insights to help you master the art of speaking and build rapport with anyone.

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Stacey Chillemi Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach & Podcaster Stacey Chillemi
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