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June 11th, 2024


  1. Sports on Screen: YOUNG WOMAN AND THE SEA Sasha Graham 38:00

Sasha and Steve are back in the studio, this time to dive into Disney’s epic new sports movie, “Young Woman and the Sea,”  starring Star Wars’s talented Daisy Ridley. The inspiring narrative,  breathtaking visuals and rousing score apparently had their intended effect because, spoiler, both of these amateur movie reviewers loved this movie! 


Young Woman and the Sea is in a few theaters now and will be streaming on Disney+ soon, but this is definitely a movie worth seeing on the big screen so make that happen if you can! 


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Sasha Graham Podcast Host, Sports Will Save Us All

Sasha Graham is the host of the award-winning podcast, Sports Will Save Us All, a sports podcast for the NPR crowd. Sasha has worked as a television writer and producer, at Walt Disney Studios as Vice President of National Publicity, and has published two children's books, Milo Does Not Like Mornings and Whitney Wins Everything.

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