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May 17th, 2024

Spaghetti on the Wall Episode 153 with Jonathan Miller

  1. Spaghetti on the Wall Episode 153 with Jonathan Miller Spaghettionthewall 15:45

Jonathan Miller has practiced criminal defense law all over New Mexico. He currently practices in Albuquerque where he writes and stays active in legal services that help the poor. Jon is a graduate of Albuquerque Academy, Cornell University, the University of Colorado School of Law, and the American Film Institute. He also wrote for the syndicated TV show Arrest and Trial and hopes to use his writing royalties to pay off his student loans before he dies. Jon’s books, Crater County and Amarillo in August both made the Tucson public library’s master list of Southwestern books of the year, Volcano Verdict was a finalist for New Mexico mystery of the year, and his book LaBajada Lawyer is a finalist in the 2010 ForeWord book awards for Multi-Cultural Fiction.

Armando Leduc Owner of Leduc Entertainment, Podcaster

I am a veteran of the motion picture industry, with over 20 years as an actor, writer, producer and director. I have appeared on screen in dozens of major Hollywood productions including Prison Break, MacGyver, Green Lantern, The Purge and many others. I have taken my experience in this industry and am bringing that knowledge to the world of social media marketing and content creation where video is king. I work with businesses across the country to help expand their reach through social media. Our podcast takes time to speak with those business owners about their "spaghetti on the wall" moment; the time when they threw their ideas at the wall and what stuck.

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