1. Medicare for All: A Corporate Jackpot in Disguise? | SFM E82 Adam Braus & Scot Maupin 34:48

Discover the unexpected economic advantages of Medicare for All — a concept that may sound controversial but holds promise for both public welfare and corporate America. Join me, Adam Brous, alongside my insightful co-host Scott, as we unravel healthcare's Gordian knot. This episode isn't just a dialogue; it's an exploration of a groundbreaking perspective that sees Medicare for All not as a burden, but as a potential jackpot for the business world.

We're no strangers to the hefty price tags attached to private healthcare taxes, including premiums, co-pays, and deductibles. However, this time we're flipping the script and examining Medicare for All as a substantial tax break that could save a fortune for individuals and corporations alike. As we dissect policies from the Obama era to Biden's current administration, we reveal the surprising inertia of governance and propose a strategic realignment of Medicare for All as an economic reform poised to unite citizen welfare and corporate prosperity.

Wrapping up our provocative exchange, we delve into 'job lock' and its ramifications on the labor market. Imagine a world where businesses are freed from the financial shackles of providing health insurance, potentially triggering a surge in innovation and profit. We also tackle the transition for those employed in the private health insurance industry, ensuring their skillset's versatility paves the way for new opportunities within the reformed system. Tune in for a session that not only informs but also challenges your perspective on one of the most pivotal issues of our time.

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Adam Braus is a polymath professor and professional in San Francisco. He has built many companies and non-profits and currently building a new college called Elton College. He is a lover of big ideas and new solutions.