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  1. Finding Justice through Personal Safety | SFM E66 Adam Braus 53:35

Are you ready to fasten your seatbelts and embark on a journey where we tackle the real essence of safety, its influence on progress, and the way it shapes the notion of justice? Get set to traverse the intriguing world of football, examine the role of safety in the professional success of Deion Sanders, and chuckle over the quirky title of the Tight End position. We also meander into the realms of pop culture, reminiscing about the Hanson family, hitting the high notes with K-Pop, and journeying through historical events like the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Moving away from the hustle and bustle of pop culture, we shift gears to discuss safety's profound impact on liberation. We analyze the revolutionary role of the safety bicycle in propelling the women's movement. From the lurking dangers of horses and penny farthings to the exhilarating velocity of different bicycles, we probe how enhancing safety in society liberates individuals and fosters economic growth. We also delve into the implications of the absence of universal healthcare, childcare, and elderly care on people's freedoms and choices.

On a personal note, our conversation veers towards our fencing skills and the role of personal safety in curbing freedom. In contrast, we joke about the perils of having a king and mull over the idea of the best defense being a good offense. Treading on serious ground, we reflect upon the history of racial injustice in America, highlighting the power of boycotts and direct action. Drawing upon the civil rights movement and the bus boycott in Birmingham, Alabama, we ponder over how safety and security deficits hinder liberation. But fear not, we also lighten the mood with a spirited debate on the best Star Wars movie and a fun comparison between the Cars and Godfather movie franchises.

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Adam Braus Author, Blogger, Podcaster

Adam Braus is a polymath professor and professional in San Francisco. He has built many companies and non-profits and currently building a new college called Elton College. He is a lover of big ideas and new solutions.