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June 4th, 2024 Mature Content

Children's Bill of Rights | SFM E94

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  1. Children's Bill of Rights | SFM E94 Adam Braus & Scot Maupin 38:40

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What happens when a routine visit to a CrossFit gym turns into a saga of bans and baffling expectations? Join us as we recount the comedic chaos of our fitness journeys, topped off with a sprinkle of multiverse madness. Scott and I unravel the peculiar world of gym culture, sharing laughs over the highs and lows of our workouts. We also dive headfirst into the concept of multiverse travel, imagining encounters with our alternate selves and comparing our lives to those of other “Adams” scattered across the cosmos.

In an alternate universe where the Children's Bill of Rights took center stage instead of the Build Back Better plan, everything changes. We explore this parallel reality where Democrats rebranded themselves as the ultimate champions of family values, winning bipartisan support and reshaping public perception. From permanent child tax credits to ambitious climate measures, we humorously dissect the political and social ramifications of prioritizing children's welfare. What if society genuinely placed children's rights at the forefront? We muse over hypothetical rights for kids, reflecting on how these changes could transform our world.

Our journey doesn't stop there. We venture further into the implications of progressive child welfare policies in this alternate universe. Imagine rent support linked to having children, slashing poverty rates, and completely revamping societal attitudes toward family life. We draw thought-provoking parallels to our own political landscape, touching on themes from “Children of Men” and even toying with the wild idea of state-subsidized plastic surgery to boost population growth. This episode is packed with humor, insightful political commentary, and whimsical multiverse speculations that promise to entertain and engage.

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Scot: @scotmaupin (Link to Adam's projects and books)
The Perfect Show (Scot's solo podcast)
The Numey (inflation-free currency)

Thanks to Jonah Burns for the SFM music.

Adam Braus Author, Blogger, Podcaster

Adam Braus is a polymath professor and professional in San Francisco. He has built many companies and non-profits and currently building a new college called Elton College. He is a lover of big ideas and new solutions.

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