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  1. AI: Navigating the Ethical Challenges with Ben Byford | SFM E68 Adam Braus 1:29:35

Imagine a world where artificial intelligence reigns supreme, making pivotal decisions that directly impact humanity. Sounds like a dystopian movie plot, right? Not in this thought-provoking episode with AI ethics expert Ben Byford. Ben unravels the complex web of AI ethics, shedding light on the importance of ethical considerations in AI deployment and consumption. How do we instil morality in a machine? Could AI ever be sentient? And what on earth is a “Jiminy Cricket” module for AI? Get ready for a deep dive into these pressing questions and more.

As we navigate the fascinating world of AI ethics, we take a pause to consider the human brain's vital role in our ethical decision-making processes. Taking a closer look at the amygdala, the brain's fear and aggression center, we explore its potential influence on AI behavior. The conversation then swerves into the ethical minefield of self-driving cars and the Moral Machine Net, a controversial project that grapples with life-or-death decisions.

Finally, we tackle the ethical challenges looming in AI development, dissecting the possible dangers of large language models and the need for stringent regulations. The impact of AI on humanity is a thrilling yet frightening prospect, and as our journey through AI ethics with Ben draws to a close, we leave you with one final thought: the future of AI ethics isn't just about machines—it's about us. So tune in, buckle up and prepare for a roller coaster ride into the world of AI ethics.

Connect with Ben Byford:
Website: https://benbyford.com/
Podcast: https://www.machine-ethics.net/
Social: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-byford/

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