Happy Thanksgiving to you! Thank you for trusting me with your time and consideration when thinking about the challenges of aging alone. It’s a topic that’s driven my purpose for the last 10 plus years.

Because we’re in the season of gratitude—For the next week, I invite you to draw attention to the things you’re thankful for.

Keep a gratitude journal and refer to each everyday. There’s nothing more powerful than appreciating what we’re given.

Enjoy this season of joy!

Carol Marak, Author, Speaker, Go-to Authority on Aging Alone

After spending nearly a decade helping her elderly parents with the aging issues, Carol had a wake-up call, “Who will do for me all the things I did for my parents?” Taking note of that difficult realization, she got on the stick and created a roadmap to guide her in addressing the inevitable complexities of aging while living alone.

Carol knows what’s truly needed when a person has only herself to rely on.

She has taught hundreds of adults to think more creatively about and to take action for acquiring stronger health, a connected and supportive lifestyle, an inspiring purpose, more engagement, safe and secure finances and legal concerns—and more. Media refers to Carol Marak as the go-to authority of the fastest growing adult population—aging alone aka, solo agers.

Outside of my passion for mentoring and supporting solos, I enjoy the outdoors as an avid walker.

And most importantly, I'm thrilled when individuals begin to explore the wide-range of possibilities they have available to them to live well far beyond tomorrow!