1. Surround Yourself with Joy Maria T. Finch 34:42

Wondered how you can more easily return to state of joy after one of life’s many bumps in the road? Billy Lahr from Mindful Midlife Crisis shares how he quit his job to travel around the world only to find that he was filling his time with things he did not enjoy. When considering adding even more to his plate, luckily, he listened when a trusted friend suggested that instead, he focus on surrounding himself with joy. We dive into what that means and how every single person on earth can do this. Looking for more joy in your life? Tune in!

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of building relationships and connections and surrounding yourself with people who add value to your life.
  • How to notice, record and utilize “Top 10 Days” in your life to help when you face a rough patch.
  • Ways to look use gratitude to give yourself moments of joy.
  • The advantages of reaching out regularly to friends, family, colleagues as a practice and especially when you are feeling blah or down, and so much more!

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Maria T. Finch, Inner Intelligence Coach and host of Silence the Mindcluck, works with high achievers

  • who are unsatisfied with one or many aspects of their lives despite their success, and
  • who are ready to make success and fulfillment go hand in hand.

Is this you? Maria will guide you to silence the mindcluck that leaves you feeling unfulfilled despite your success. She will teach you how to tune into your inner intelligence to build and execute strategies that will shift you from feeling frustrated AF to being the queen or king of you!

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Maria T. Finch Inner Intelligence Coach

Maria T. Finch is an Inner Intelligence Coach at Silence the Mindcluck. Mindcluck means what you think it means…the mind chatter everyone experiences that can derail even the best moments. Maria works with high achievers who are unsatisfied in one or many aspects of their lives. She guides them to silence their mindcluck and tune into their inner intelligence to build and execute strategies that shift them from feeling frustrated AF to being the queens or kings of their lives.