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April 10th, 2024

Episode 62 | From Corporate to Solopreneur: Insights on Authentic Leadership & Growth with Ally Stone

  1. Episode 62 | From Corporate to Solopreneur: Insights on Authentic Leadership & Growth with Ally Stone Showing Up Solo 29:34

Transitioning from corporate to solopreneur, overcoming mindset roadblocks, setting your own business terms and coming to terms with “You are Enough.” 

Hannah chats with Ally Stone, founder of The Inspired Leader. 

Ally has been a leader in the hospitality industry for over 15 years and has mastered a deep understanding of what it means to be truly connected as a leader and how that drives the success of any business. 

Ally shares some common challenges that come up when being a leader and strategies for overcoming these roadblocks. 

Ally’s key takeaway is: 

  • You matter! 

  • You will have good days and rocky days. 

  • But do your best to enjoy the role. 

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Hannah McCormick Marketing Coach & Consultant, Podcast Host

Showing Up Solo started as a way to make marketing more accessible to solopreneurs. Along with business bestie, Nicole, I launched our video podcast in January 2022.  Now over 40 episodes in, I'm taking it to the next level by offering 1:1 marketing coaching!

If you're an online service provider (or want to be one!) but... you're not sure how to find clients online, don't feel quite ready to hit "publish" on your website or don't have a clue where to begin with making a content plan... I can help! Head to to learn more.

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