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November 8th, 2023

Episode 51 | How Working With A Brand Photographer Can Make Content Creation Simpler with Amanda Hutchinson

  1. Episode 51 | How Working With A Brand Photographer Can Make Content Creation Simpler with Amanda Hutchinson Showing Up Solo 35:48

In this episode, Hannah talks with Amanda Hutchinson from AKP Brand Stories. 

Amanda started out as a wedding photographer as a side hustle from her 9-5 job in Crisis Management. 

Over the years, Amanda moved from public to private sector supporting companies and brands with crisis management. 

She felt like she constantly lived in doom and gloom until she reached the weekend where it was all sunbeams and rainbows taking photos for her photography business. 

Amanda moved away from weddings as she found telling the stories of different brands more compelling. 

What really helped was during her time shooting weddings, she used to take pictures of the set up and send the images to different vendors for their business. This is where she developed a love for brand stories and a great network of independent business. 

Key Takeaways from this episode are: 

  • Before you have a brand shoot you need to think about the type of messaging you want to convey and think about the type of photos that will fit. 

  • Brand images give you a professional look as a business owner. 

  • Stock imagery can be problematic, especially in terms of diversity. Create your own stock images to use for your business. 

  • Having a library of images you own, helps you create your content quickly and easily using templates. 

  • It also helps you show up as you, even when you are not feeling it. 

Magic Canva Tip: App within Canva called “Bulk Create” that helps you bulk upload content to a template. Making creating content like testimonials or reels quick and simple! 

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