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HOST JACKIE TANTILLO – Looking Back At Episode #S1E23. "I Always Knew There Was MORE Out There" -with LeQuita Vance-Watkins

  1. HOST JACKIE TANTILLO - Looking Back At Episode #S1E23. "I Always Knew There Was MORE Out There" -with LeQuita Vance-Watkins 43:40

My guest was a baby when her unmarried teen mom left her with her abusive grandmother for ten years, and yet she harbors no ill will toward anyone.  “i was always told, I could never do nothin right,” LeQuita mentions though she seems to have done everything right.

She kept Moving forward in life as though what was given her had no real consequences-she knew from a young age that there was ‘more’.  “One of the many blessings is because the people I was around didn’t love me and I didn’t love them.  I didn’t want to emulate them.”

LeQuita Vance-Watkins lives in Vermont and still surrounds herself with the MORE of life, “the best of everything”, the Arts.

Jackie Tantillo loves being on both sides of the microphone –as Voice Over Artist and Producer/Engineer and in front of the camera as an On Camera Talent. She has been featured in National and International On Camera and Voice Over Commercials and Industrials. Over the years, she has mentored students with an interest in production and broadcasting and has volunteered with elementary school aged children in theatre production. Jackie is able to draw from her many years as a spokesperson and radio talent to bring warmth and insight to her many endeavors, including representative for organizations such as D.A.R.E., March of Dimes, Muscular Dystrophy and Easter Seals. A mom and the youngest of seven siblings, Italian American born in Rota Spain, Jackie or ‘Juani’ as her family and friends call her, comes from a very close knit family. Her knowledge of conversational French, Italian and Spanish has broadened the scope of her work. She lives in New Jersey and loves spending time with her family in the outdoors and traveling.

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