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June 10th, 2024

Sam McKinlay Made an Abrupt Break From PR… and Became a Real Estate Rookie of the Year

  1. Sam McKinlay Made an Abrupt Break From PR… and Became a Real Estate Rookie of the Year Andy Levine 26:49

Sam McKinlay experienced something a lot of people can relate to in work and in life: she spent almost 25 years married… in her case, to a career that was exciting, fulfilling and rewarding. But over time she and the career she once loved grew apart from one another. They fell out of love and split up.

Sam faced plenty of adversity over the years: a series of poorly timed recessions in her native England; an initial move to America that landed her in Florida (which wasn’t a match for her); and later the clean break from a well-established career and a leap into the unknown.

After dipping her toe in the real estate waters, Sam found her calling. She was able to apply a surprising amount of her PR and marketing experience to launch a new career as a concierge real estate agent. And it worked! In her first year she earned a prestigious “Rookie of the Year” award from her broker.

In this engaging episode, Sam walks through the challenges she faced trying to find a meaningful career path early on; her journey through working for other people, then working for herself, then selling her firm and working for other people again; and the eventual abrupt end of her time working in PR.

You can learn more about Sam McKinlay by visiting her website at

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Andy Levine is the creator and host of “Second Act Stories.” A fascination with storytelling and second acts, triggered the launch of this podcast. He lives in Ocean Grove, New Jersey about five blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. He manages a specialized marketing firm for his day job. He is always on the lookout for a good story and has traveled to Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Virginia to conduct face-to-face interviews with podcast guests.

Scott Merritt is the co-host of “Second Act Stories.” He’s always had a natural curiosity about people and the paths they’ve followed to find success. After developing concepts for other podcasts focused on people and their careers, Scott was invited by Andy, a former colleague, to join “Second Act Stories.” A native of New York, he is now based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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