1. 300% ROIs by Flipping Dirt with Mark Podolsky Alex Escobar and Aziz Yousuf 27:17

In this episode we are joined by Mark Podolsky Author of Dirt Rich, Mark Is widely considered the most trusted and foremost authority on buying and selling raw, undeveloped land within the United States. For almost two decades, Mark has been actively investing in real estate and raw land and has completed over 5,000 unique transactions. Mark’s company, Frontier Properties USA, is an A+ rated BBB real estate company. Mark has achieved this level of success largely due to his core business philosophy – “Happy Customers Guaranteed.” 


Mark discusses how to find opportunities in this market and how to minimize risk. He also discusses how to find a cheap property that is ready for sale. This is an informative podcast that is sure to appeal to those interested in diversifying their income and portfolio. All of these on how 


[00:01 – 05:15] How This Land Investor Made Over $90,000 in a Year by Flipping Raw Land


  • In 2000 Mark, was a miserable investment banker who was commuting 45 minutes each way to work. 
  • He heard about a land investor who was making a 300% return on his investments and decided to try it himself. 
  • It took Mark 18 months to make the same amount of money as he would have made as an investment banker, but he now loves it full time.
  • Mark recently had a conversation with his wife about quitting his job and becoming a full-time land investor. 


[05:15 – 13:11] How to Make $2,300 on a Raw Land Purchase in Just 30 Days

  • There is still land available for purchase in Colorado for $300 or less
  • The process of purchasing land is more difficult, but it is still possible
  • There are beautiful abandoned nuclear power plant lots available for purchase for $500 or less
  • Due diligence must be done to ensure the property is still owned by the buyer and that back taxes are paid
  • Mark shares how he is selling land, and the key to success is to get the property cheap enough that they can sell it quickly.
  • The speaker is offering a $2,500 down payment and 9% interest for 84 months.
  • The speaker is exempt from Dodd-Frank, RESPA, and the Safe Act because they are not dealing with a tenant.
  • the opportunity to invest in land, which is currently available at a discounted price due to the current market conditions.
  • the available different types of land and how opportunistic Mark is when purchasing land.



[13:12 – 21:02] How to Find Deals Even if You’re Behind on Your Taxes and How to Double Your Money in 30 Days or Less with Land Geek


  • 90% of the business is automated with the software on the front end and the back end
  • The mailings use a program called LGpass.com to drop out offers and log in intakes
  • Due diligence is handled by his team from the Philippines.
  • The acquisition manager closes deals and goes into geekpay.io to collect monthly notes
  • Mark also added how to double your money in 30 days or less by following the steps in a free course offered by thelandgeek.com.
  • The course teaches how to delegate and advocate for yourself, eliminating the need to do research or find people to do work for you.
  • start small and grow gradually as you become more confident in your skills.


[21:03 – 26:48] How to buy your freedom with a small amount of money

  • The key to success with land investment is finding deals that are within your budget and have the potential to generate a high return on investment.
  • It is important to understand the market conditions for land before investing, as the market can be very volatile.
  • Selling land can be difficult, and if you do not sell within a certain timeframe, you may need to make changes to your pricing or marketing strategy.
  • The average client’s budget is around $2,500.
  • Grant Cardone talked about how buying land doesn’t always make sense because it doesn’t always cash flow, but it does.
  • One of the challenges for Mark was that he couldn’t use his commissions from real estate to buy other things.



[26:49 – 27:15] Closing Segment


Want to connect with Travis? Follow him on LinkedIn or visit frontierpropertiesusa.com to learn more! 

Other sites: www.thelandgeek.com and www.geekpay.io



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“The secret is in the pricing. So I’m going to make my price irresistible.” – Mark Podolsky


“Say the asset class. They’d like the fact that there’s nothing to maintain nothing to protect and nothing that can be destroyed. It’s a legacy asset. It lasts forever. And so maybe one day they’ll go out and improve it or they’ll use it recreationally.”


– Mark Podolsky



Alex is a Realtor and an investor that buys income producing apartment buildings and offers the opportunity for others to partner with him, sometimes for less cash than it would take to buy a single family investment property.

In addition to co-hosting the Screw The Stockmarket podcast, Aziz is an avid investor and burgeoning entrepreneur, with a deep interest in long-term financial growth opportunities. He is also a trained legal professional, and an expert international development and business advisor.