1. Episode 204 - Unlocking the Health Secrets of Colloidal Silver with Kelli Gray of Silver Biotics Sandy Kruse 56:14

Discover an ancient remedy that could revolutionize your health routine! Special guest Kelly Gray from Silver Biotics joins me as we uncover the remarkable properties of colloidal silver and how it stands as a testament to nature's own antibiotic. From supporting the immune system to offering a natural alternative to topical treatments, we navigate through personal experiences and scientific insight to reveal why this versatile element is more than just a pretty metal.

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We examine the critical differences between colloidal and ionic silver, share the importance of choosing the right concentration levels, and introduce a patented AG404 technology. We also tackle common concerns like the global availability of colloidal silver products and offer tips on identifying a quality solution, ensuring you're equipped with knowledge to make an informed decision.

We wrap up by discussing the biohacking craze, the risks of DIY silver production, and the intriguing ways silver can be incorporated into everyday life – from oral care to skincare. Your health journey is unique, and with each episode, we aim to provide you with the valuable insights you need to thrive. Stay tuned and join us next time for another step towards wellness.

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