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Episode 154 – Live a Happier, Peaceful & Successful Life Using The Sedona Method with Hale Dwoskin

  1. Episode 154 - Live a Happier, Peaceful & Successful Life Using The Sedona Method with Hale Dwoskin 1:15:47

Hale Dwoskin has dedicated more than 4 decades to teaching and sharing The Sedona Method which can help people realize their goals, alleviate their suffering & discover the truth of who they are.  He is the author of the New York times bestseller The Sedona Method, coauthor of Happiness is Free and It’s Easier Than You Think by Lester Levinson.  Hale is one of the featured teachers in the book & movie phenomenon The Secret as well as a featured teacher in The Greatest Secret, both by Rhonda Byrne.  He is also featured in the movie Letting Go.

Today I sat down with Hale to discuss how this method can truly help you live a happier, more peaceful life.

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Sandy Kruse Podcaster, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Metabolic Balance Coach

I went back to college at 46 to do what I do now...teach others how to age better, live a healthy life through alternative means & biohacking & preferably age without disease. We are meant to live a balanced life and have fun. True wellness relates to a healthy body, mind, soul and spirit - and my expertise includes all of these important aspects to a healthy life.  The views expressed on this podcast are for educational purposes only and we are not providing medical advice. See your own practitioner on what is right for you.

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