1. Barbara's European Escapade: Golfing in Spain, Glamping in Ireland, and Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland 1:00:37
In this episode of “Rock Your Retirement,” Barbara shares her incredible experiences from a three-week trip to Europe, including visits to Ireland, Iceland, and Spain. Barbara and her husband embarked on this unforgettable adventure, which was three years in the making and filled with unique and memorable moments.

Barbara takes listeners on a journey through their travels, beginning with their arrival in Ireland, where they braved a torrential downpour and had a delightful glamping experience with relatives. From navigating the challenging narrow roads to savoring traditional pub dining and exploring historic sites, Barbara paints a vivid picture of their Irish escapades.

The episode also delves into their Iceland layover, where they indulged in the rejuvenating Blue Lagoon spa experience, explored various natural wonders, and encountered unexpected, heartwarming local events. Barbara’s depiction of Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes and unique experiences offers a glimpse into the country’s allure and surprises.

Finally, the episode features Barbara’s recounting of their time in Spain, where they immersed themselves in the vibrant culture, savored local delicacies, attended a golf event, and even found themselves unexpectedly enjoying a Fashion show. Through Barbara’s vivid storytelling, listeners gain insight into the rich and diverse experiences that defined their European adventure.

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