1. How to Create Your Career Story So That It Makes Sense #167 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 42:50


Gary is a recruiting and hiring consultant. He has trained and led high-performance recruiting teams that have made well over 10,000 hires. He has seen the inside story of how recruiting and hiring happens inside over 300 companies from Fortune 100 companies to boutique start-ups.

Gary’s industry background includes software, IT, eCommerce, banking, public sector, semiconductor, engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and environmental companies. His experience spans all levels including C-level executives, senior management, technical leadership, and high-performance professionals as well as support staff and laborers.

Gary was originally on the podcast in episode 58. You can listen to it here.

Gary has been involved in HireFactors for about 2 years.

Many people have varied and eclectic stories. What Gary has found is that their resume and career stories look and sound like their career  -scattered and varied.

The hiring manager is looking for someone who has been doing similar kinds of things to the job description and is Moving right along in their career with increasing levels of responsibility, because that is the easy hire. If they cannot make sense of your career trajectory then you will not get hired. You need to make your resume and career story portray a clear message.

A software company was looking for a software tester related to dispensing pharmaceuticals. This is highly regulated and they needed someone to test the user interface, which is very routine and monotonous. Gary found someone who had been working in manufacturing – specifically testing related to fighter aircraft. This was testing torque on bolts and welds. He had to do this day in and day out and fill out very complex forms. The hiring manager immediately kicked the resume back.

Gary explained that this person had been performing similar tasks as the position they wanted to fill, had tremendous attention to detail and would not get burned out. If this person had applied directly to this position with no one who was able to translate their skills, there is no way this person would have even gotten an interview.

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