1. Top Tips To Avoid Being A Cyber Victim with Scott Schober Dr. Ron Kaiser 41:26

Although fraudulent activity online and cybercriminals were born almost at the same time the internet did, cybersecurity has never been resolved and has even gotten worse. Cybercriminals rely on the sense of urgency all of us live; we are distracted, constantly in a hurry, and don’t have time to double-check phone calls, emails, or the multiple messages that pop up on our screens.

Today, we have a cybersecurity expert to shed some light on the dangers we are all susceptible to online, Scott Schober. Scott is the CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems; he is a cybersecurity speaker featured on Bloomberg TV, CBS, Fox Business News, Good Morning America, CNN, to name a few, a podcast host, and author of three books on cybersecurity.

We have an extremely educational conversation about how to be safe online, prevent from falling into online scams, protect our data, and detect scammers and cybercriminals. Scott explained the methods hackers use to breach our social media accounts and how that information is used by cybercriminals to steal from us or even use our names to scam other people. We also delve into the importance of becoming friends with two-step authentication processes, passwords managers, and taking a few seconds to think and investigate before clicking or revealing personal information to a stranger on the phone.

Tune in to Episode 130 of REJUVENAGING® and learn everything you need to know to keep you and your loved ones safe online.

Some Questions I Ask:

Why are we still struggling with cybersecurity? Why hasn’t it been solved yet? (4:31)

What do you mean when you talk about the dark web? Could you explain what that is? (17:13)

I know all kinds of terrible things can happen if I click on the wrong thing? How do I know when something is legitimate? (21:22)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The advantages of using passwords managers (7:04)

Nothing is 100% secure; however, not doing nothing is not secure at all. Scott talks about the importance of taking action in our cybersecurity (10:21)

The criminal world as a whole is pivoting into cyber crimes because it is more profitable and crimes and their perpetrators are harder to catch in the online space (16:41)

About the different tricks cybercriminals use to trick us into giving them our information (24:03)

The story of how Scott got into cybersecurity and the thousands of attacks he received (31:52)


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