1. Inspiring Women and Their Journey to Success with Chrisette Michele Brigitte Cutshall 32:40

🌟 Get ready for some serious girl power! 🌟

We’re joined by the talented Chrisette Michele, a Grammy Award winning and renowned R&B artist who opens up about her musical journey and shares insights into her new podcast, “Comeback Sis.”


  1. The Power of Comebacks: Chrisette discusses her podcast, “Comeback Sis,” focusing on stories of women who have faced challenges, felt canceled, or experienced rejection but made powerful comebacks. The podcast aims to empower and motivate others through these stories.
  2. Navigating Cancel Culture: The conversation delves into Chrisette’s personal experience of being “canceled” after performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration. She emphasizes the importance of Resilience, self-awareness, and not letting external narratives define who you are.

  3. Embracing Neurodiversity: Chrisette shares her perspective on neurodiversity, emphasizing the uniqueness in how people think and encouraging acceptance of diverse neurological experiences. She advocates for using neurodivergent traits as strengths rather than limitations.

For more about Chrisette Michele, visit her website https://www.comebacksis.com and https://www.chrisettemichelesworld.com/

Connect with her on social media @ChrisetteM on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.