1. How Affirmation Music Changed a Rock Star's Life Brigitte Cutshall 31:01

In this electrifying podcast episode, we’ve got the fantastic Michele Blood, an author, former Australian rock singer, and global transformational leader.

We dive into Michele Blood’s remarkable journey of healing and personal growth after a life-altering car accident.

Three Key Takeaways:

1. The Healing Power of Affirmation Music:
Michele’s life took a dramatic turn after a devastating car accident that left her with severe injuries. During her challenging recovery, she stumbled upon the idea of using affirmation music to shift her mindset and heal. She found that by combining affirmations with music, she could influence her subconscious mind, leading to a positive change in her outlook and, ultimately, her physical healing. This unique approach to affirmations allowed her to overcome her doubts and fears, helping her regain her strength and confidence.

2. Turning Adversity into Opportunity:
Michele’s experience serves as a reminder that adversity can lead to unexpected opportunities for growth and transformation. Her accident and subsequent journey to recovery redirected her career path and introduced her to the world of metaphysics and mysticism. She learned that when life takes an unexpected turn, it’s possible to draw upon previous experiences, skills, and inner strength to create a new and fulfilling path. She encourages us to see life’s challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth.

3. Sharing Transformation and Spreading Positivity:
Through her powerful affirmation music and teachings, Michele has positively impacted people from over 32 countries. She believes that the individuals who seek and embrace change are those who answer the call of their inner selves.

By offering her content through various platforms and events, Michele aims to make transformation and self-improvement accessible to people worldwide.

Michele would love to offer listeners the following free gifts:

( 1) A chapter from the World’s First Manifestation Video Book,
“Six Steps To Achieving Your Goals And Big Vision”

( 2) The eBook “New Paradigms” that she co-wrote with Bob Proctor.
(3) And her Positive Affirmation album, “Create Miracles”

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