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September 5th, 2023

The Retirement Portfolio Shift- How to Make the Transition Smoothly

  1. The Retirement Portfolio Shift- How to Make the Transition Smoothly James Conole, CFP® 20:15

It’s common knowledge to have a different portfolio allocation before Retirement than you actually have in Retirement. But how and when do we actually go about making that change?

This episode is based on a listener question: Alan, has a portfolio mix weighted too heavily in stocks. As he shifts into Retirement, he is looking to have a new allocation strategy. 

James discusses how to shift into a different allocation, when the right time to do that is, and what makes the most sense for Alan’s situation.

Questions Answered:
How do we shift into a new allocation strategy?
When should you begin that process?

0:00 Intro
3:08 The framework
8:41 Where should you hold assets?
14:14 What’s the timing?
18:14 In summary
19:11 Outro

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James Conole CFP®, Podcaster

James Conole is the founder of Root Financial and the host of the Ready For Retirement podcast and YouTube channel.

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