1. Crafting female narratives from a male perspective with author Ciahnan Darrell Natasha Tynes 44:40

In my latest episode with writer and scholar Ciahnan Darrell we discuss into the complexities of creating a feminine experience when you are a male author.

In his novel, a Lifetime of Men, Ciahnan draws from his own upbringing amidst powerful women colors, as he intertwines personal stories with societal struggles on feminism and reproductive rights, inviting us to reflect on the intricate dance between personal agency and cultural forces.

As our discussion unfolds, we navigate the contentious terrain of minority representation in literature, considering the “own voices” movement and the heated debates it inspires.

Ciahnan imparts wisdom on the trials and tribulations of the publishing industry, from the pursuit of an agent to the intricacies of marketing, with a nod to the realities facing independent authors.

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