Watch the latest Things to Know RIGHT NOW episode featuring Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Ph.D. and Clarion Mendes of the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois. Hosted by Eileen Lynch Executive Director of the Parkinson’s Resource Organization, Hasegawa-Johnson and Mendes discuss the Speech Accessibility Project.

01:06| How did you become interested in speech and Assistive Technology?
07:56 | How many people are involved in the project?
08:47 | What is the purpose of the Speech Accessibility Project?
10:08 | Are you looking for participants in one or all stages of Parkinson’s?
12:11 | Would you encourage people to submit samples on their ‘off’ periods?
14:11 | Can you explain the challenges of Speech Recognition Technology?
16:56 | How would the Speech Accessibility Project help people with Parkinson’s and other Speech Impediments?
19:59 | How can people participate in the project?
21:49 | Are there any limitations or requirements to participate?
24:07 | How does your research help developers like Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.?
26:11 | How long does a project like this take before the public starts to see the results?

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