Meet Lloyd Leifer! He is a Parkinson’s Warrior and a regular at Parkinson’s Resource Organization’s (PRO) Round Table Support Group meetings. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2020 and has since taken taken control of his health, both physically and mentally. In this video, Lloyd shares a glimpse of his life as a Parkinsonian and the way he is taking control of his life by changing his mindset towards Parkinson’s.

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0:07 | What was it like getting diagnosed with Parkinson’s?
2:21 | How did you find out about PRO?
2:58 | What made PRO’s Support Groups so successful for you?
4:05 | Would you recommend PRO to a friend?
4:42 | What is the most important resource that you accessed?
5:18 | What would you say to someone who is newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s?
5:51 | Do you have a message for Jo?

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Jo Rosen Founder & President of Parkinson’s Resource Organization

Jo is the founder and President of Parkinson’s Resource Organization (PRO) established in 1990. The motivation, her late mother and late husband were both diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Each day, PRO reaches thousands of people affected by Parkinson’s, accomplished through a monthly newsletter, an interactive website, one-on-one coaching, support groups, symposia, and public speaking. Ms. Rosen is always at the forefront of what matters in Parkinson’s from services, products, and research, to the potential cure.