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Are you ready to become a toxin-busting superhero? Join our team of health-conscious do-gooders and learn to become a mentor yourself to spread the goodness. You’ll have freedom to choose your own health & wellness categories of focus, create your own schedule, feel good about guiding others to live a low-toxin lifestyle and have an engaged mentor to guide you along the way. No start-up costs or inventory required…only passion and motivation.

Let’s kick toxins to the curb and make the world a better place, together!

KEVIN MCDONALD Host and Creator of Positive Talk Radio

Born and raised in Seattle Wa. This jovial fun loving man experienced life in a big way from star athlete, to actor, Voice Actor, Restaurateur, Sales and Sales Management, Transit Operator, Audio Producer, Talk Show Host, Creative Consultant, Motivational Leader and current podcast creator. (My Independence Report and Now ,Positive Talk Radio) Who’s mission is to Declare Our Freedom From Hate, Division and Fear, featuring positive motivational guests, music interviews and fun episodes. All designed to uplift your spirit and to create something that everyone can watch and listen to Which is Evolving Idea's one Listener at a Time, enjoy!