Dr. Michael Godin is a facial plastic surgeon with a passion for storytelling. While he loves the world of plastic surgery, he also has a creative side that has been developing since he was a child. Putting those two areas together, and knowing what it feels like to be on the other side of the knife and the needle, he writes books that take his readers inside the world of medicine and surgery in a fascinating way.

Godin comes from a family of avid readers and, in a sunny upstairs bedroom of a solidly middle-class home in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, his love of literature thrived. He was captivated by the adventures of Dr. Dolittle, Frank Merriwell, The Hardy Boys, and Lad: A Dog. He received as a birthday gift Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbinders in Suspense, and he loved it, reading the short scary stories over and over. Roald Dahl’s Man from the South was one of them, and through it he learned the power of a story to haunt its reader. Then he read Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which became his favorite book. A lifelong love of reading had been established.

What Godin didn’t know at the time was how much learning to write persuasively would help him in his medical career. He has written over 20 scientific articles and a bestselling surgical textbook. While he always found time to write, Godin’s ultimate goal was to create works of fiction. He survived surgical training during the 1980’s at the beginning of the HIV pandemic, which is when his current novel, The Big Prick, is set. He learned to operate and surf, continued to write, and took good care of his patients. The year’s experiences culminated in his creation and release of Surgery Survival Guide: A Manual for Interns and Precocious Medical Students, which sold at medical bookstores throughout the US and Canada. He now practices facial plastic surgery in Richmond, Virginia, and Southern California.

Michael Godin is also the author of Fighting Gravity, a soon-to-be-released romantic comedy set in the world of plastic surgery. He enjoys living on both coasts with his wonderful wife, adult sons, and two dogs. One is very good, the other not so much, but he loves her anyway.

Godin hopes that his books will bring joy, laughter and enlightenment to his readers and he looks forward to continuing to combine the worlds of medicine and literature in future novels.

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