Today, Andrea L. Wehlann is a bestselling author and poet. She’s a highly regarded expert in yoga – a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher. She’s also a social worker with a BA in Psychology from Brock University and a Social Services Diploma from Niagara College.
As accomplished as Wehlann is, she makes clear that she has faced and triumphed over – many struggles, too. Her source of dedication to spiritual healing derives from surviving childhood mental, physical and emotional abuse, as well as surviving rape, sexual
assault and infant loss. The hugely traumatic things she lived through as a child and young person led to her experiences with bulimia, depression, and suicidal tendencies. The fact that she found positive ways to make it through all of that combined with her professional knowledge makes her not only a true inspiration – but a passionate teacher and unique leader in the wellness space.
She shares her unique insights derived from both the personal and the professional in her three impactful books.

-Deeper Days: 365 Yoga-spirations for Inner Calm Amidst Chaos (“a lovingly crafted book to get you Moving through the world with love, to help you take a moment to breathe, and find stillness in daily reflection. It guides you along your yogic path to realizing your divine potential.”)

-No Matter How Dark The Stain: Poems and Inspiration for the Woman in Pain (“Essentially a collection of love poems for anxious people, it meets people in their darkest space and gives a breath of life to the pain and feelings that haunt us and keep bad patterns recurring.”)


The most recent is Stillness In The Storm, subtitled “A Conscious Daily Journal of Yoga & Spiritual Healing,” a book Andrea created to help readers do just that: “to let mind and spirit intersect and to celebrate the power of hearing the heart in the here and now.”

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