1. Lessons Learned from a 5,775 Mile Bicycle Trip Across North America with John Schwenck Mike Montague 28:04

What happens when you push yourself beyond your perceived limits and embrace the world in its raw, unfiltered state? Join Mike Montague as he chats with John Schwink about his incredible 5,775-mile bike ride across the continent, from Central Park, New York City, to Seward, Alaska – all on a 30-year-old bicycle and with little experience.

Listen in as they discuss the importance of challenging oneself and the potential benefits and pitfalls of data collection in our everyday lives. Find the right balance, especially when it comes to health and well-being, and enjoy a fun-filled and inspiring episode filled with jokes, dance breaks, and stories of adventure and self-discovery. Engage with us at playfulhumans.com to discover your playful personality and join a community of like-minded individuals.

Find John Schwenck at: https://www.adventures-less-traveled.com/

(0:00:21) – Biking Across the Continent
(0:13:37) – Data Analysis and Philosophy of Measurement
(0:27:28) – Promoting Playful Adventures

Chapter Summaries:
(0:00:21) – Biking Across the Continent (13 Minutes)
John Schwink's incredible 5,775-mile bike ride from Central Park, New York City, to Seward, Alaska, was inspired by a heart condition and a desire to stand out in his grad school application. The importance of pushing oneself beyond perceived limits and embracing the world in its raw, unfiltered state is discussed through inspiring stories of adventure and self-discovery.

(0:13:37) – Data Analysis and Philosophy of Measurement (14 Minutes)
Celebrating the Fourth of July and encountering not-so-nice Canadians are explored, as well as the physical transformation during a 95-day bike trip, including weight loss and injuries. The benefits and potential pitfalls of data collection in everyday life are discussed, emphasizing the importance of finding balance and understanding individual needs when it comes to health, well-being, and self-tracking.

(0:27:28) – Promoting Playful Adventures (1 Minute)
Explore adventures less traveled, the importance of feedback, and the love for data and insights. Engage with others, discover your playful personality, and experience the power of play and adventure in life.

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