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Author, Playwright, Actress Sandra Tsing Loh

  1. Author, Playwright, Actress Sandra Tsing Loh Ted Bonnitt Phil Proctor 49:12

Writer, Playwright, Actress and Radio Personality Sandra Tsing Loh is the author of many books on the trials and tribulations of womanhood, motherhood and being a madwoman in the modern world (“A Year in Van Nuys,” “Mother on Fire,” “Madwoman and the Roomba,”), she is celebrated for her one-woman shows and commentary “The Loh Down.”

Her latest play “Madwomen of the West,” boasted an all-star cast, premiered to sterling reviews in LA, Moving to Off-Broadway and London. In addition to being a goddess, Sandra is also an accomplished pianist.

Get ready for a rapid-fire, mind-bendingly funny conversation with the fastest wit in the West! 

Sexy Boomer Show features co-hosts Phil Proctor and Ted Bonnitt.

Phil Proctor is an accomplished humorist, author, actor, and best known as a founding member of the groundbreaking comedy group, The Firesign Theatre.

Ted Bonnitt is a writer, host, and producer of national entertainment podcasts, radio, television, and film programming, including with members of the Firesign Theatre.

Listen LIVE every Tuesday at 1p PT on Los Angeles Radio and at

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