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June 9th, 2024

107. Dr. Kimberly Moore – Chief Innovator at Envision Moore Consulting

  1. 107. Dr. Kimberly Moore - Chief Innovator at Envision Moore Consulting Bob Gerst 31:06

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In this episode of “People in Transition,” we explore the dynamic world of workforce development, job transitions, and innovation with Dr. Kimberly Moore, Chief Innovator at Envision Moore Consulting Group.  Dr. Moore's extensive background in workforce development, education, nonprofit management, and entrepreneurship provides a wealth of experience and insights.  We discuss her journey from driving impact in private industry and academia to founding her national strategic consulting firm, addressing the challenges and opportunities for those transitioning from student life to the workforce, shifting between jobs, or embarking on entrepreneurial ventures.  Dr. Moore emphasizes the importance of collaboration, creativity, and strategic partnerships in today's rapidly evolving professional landscape.  Join us for a stimulating conversation filled with practical tips and innovative strategies for success in the ever-changing world of work.

Key discussion points include:

·         The importance of showcasing your ability to collaborate effectively to hiring managers.

·         The value of lifelong learning through platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Coursera, and be sure to emphasize strategic learning that aligns with your career goals.

·         The necessity of tenacity and a positive attitude in your job search.

·         The critical role of networking and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

·         The importance of thorough interview preparation, including researching the company and preparing impactful questions.

·         Understanding that receiving a “no” from a company can be beneficial, indicating a misalignment and saving you from an unsuitable fit.

·         The best advice: be persistent, stay encouraged, and leverage your network.

By listening to this episode and Dr. Moore's other podcasts, Workforce Insights (  and #SayMoore ( found on Apple,  you'll gain valuable insights to enhance your job search and career transitions.  We welcome your questions and comments on this episode and appreciate your ratings for the show.

Bob Gerst Mr. Transition Expert

I have had a terrific work life; I started as an auditor and then joined a property management company. I was the first professional HR executive with them. I had the opportunity to create and mature a sophisticated HR service delivery model. Then, I joined Jones Lang LaSalle, a global R/E firm. I was asked to move to Singapore to head up the Asia Pacific Region and helped build an HR team again. I then moved to Las Vegas, first with The Venetian and then with Boyd Gaming. I am now President of my own Company, HR Transitions, and the VP of HR at John I. Haas. I also have taught undergraduate and graduate level programs, including courses at Benedictine University, Heritage University, and the College of Southern Nevada.

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