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Rahul Karan Sharma, an inspiring leader, dedicated his life to empowering individuals for positive change.  As an author, transformational speaker, and mindset coach, he motivates audiences worldwide with his passion for personal growth.  Rahul holds an MBA in Human Resources and a Master's in Organization Development.  Raised in Ujjain, India, he values independence, discipline, and sportsmanship.  His literary works, including “Habits4Miracles” and the bestselling “Be Action Oriented,” offer invaluable career insights.  With a commitment to servant leadership, Rahul excels in building high-performing teams and developing leaders.

In this episode, we discussed the positive mindset needed to be effective in your search, resume ideas, and interviewing techniques.  Some key  points covered include:

·        Personal brand, effective communication, and relationships are all essential skills for your transition.

·        Make sure you make the hiring experience for the hiring manager an easy one – you need to help connect the dots for them.

·        What does reverse engineering mean in making your resume, and how can you use this to your advantage?

·        What are some skills/techniques to help your personality come through a telephone or video interview?

·        Every obstacle is an opportunity – you will decide how you use it.

·        The power of Journaling and tips on using it in your job search.

·        Why having a mentor can help you find your next job.

And so many other job search/recruiting ideas.  Rahul is smart, has so much experience in the recruiting world, and wants to share it with each of you.  So, sit back, relax, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and career advancement with Rahul's wealth of experience and wisdom as your guide.  Enjoy the episode, and remember to rate this show where you listened to it  – it's invaluable to us.

Bob Gerst Mr. Transition Expert

I have had a terrific work life; I started as an auditor and then joined a property management company. I was the first professional HR executive with them. I had the opportunity to create and mature a sophisticated HR service delivery model. Then, I joined Jones Lang LaSalle, a global R/E firm. I was asked to move to Singapore to head up the Asia Pacific Region and helped build an HR team again. I then moved to Las Vegas, first with The Venetian and then with Boyd Gaming. I am now President of my own Company, HR Transitions, and the VP of HR at John I. Haas. I also have taught undergraduate and graduate level programs, including courses at Benedictine University, Heritage University, and the College of Southern Nevada.